Alleviating poverty in Honduras.

Despite some economic growth in recent years, about 48.3 percent of Hondurans (around 4.3 million people) live below the national poverty, of whom about two million people live in extreme poverty.

The quality of life in Honduras reflects a very deep and widening gap between those living in urban and those in remote and rural communities that impacts families across the spectrum of moderate to extreme poverty. Disparities are most evident in people’s ability to access basic services such as electricity, clean water, and sanitation, and internet. Jobs are harder to come by in rural areas and improvement in income equality has remained stagnant. Inequality in rural areas has increased while declining in urban areas.

Facts about Honduras

Our work in Honduras


We provide micro-loans, savings accounts, financial literacy training, and other financial services to help people in poverty grow small businesses and earn incomes.

Social Performance Management

In Honduras, IDH uses SPM to measure client success and service effectiveness through KPIs like loan repayment, income increase, job generation and employee satisfaction.

How your support is making a difference.

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A inspiring journey to entrepreneurial success...

Bessy realized that she needed to increase her household income. She had the idea of a shop to sell food and necessities. She visited an IDH Branch for her first loan which helped her purchase a stove. With her second loan, she bought more inventory and now, with her third loan has bought a second stove and has diversified her business. Bessy is now known as a visionary and she dreams of one day opening an eatery where people can sit, enjoy their meals, and visit. Bessy’s IDH Advisor has no doubt she will achieve her ultimate goal.

Join us in fostering dreams and create a brighter future for people like Bessy!