Alleviating poverty in Colombia.

In Colombia, this generation is enjoying a historic opportunity to grow up in a country at peace after the 2016 peace accord. However, scars remain from a conflict that displaced 7.7 million Colombians, impacting families and communities. Focused efforts on alleviating poverty in Colombia remain an urgent need. Thousands of ex-combatants, once child soldiers, are reintegrating into society and need economic and educational support. Additionally, over 1.6 million Venezuelans are seeking refuge in Colombia, contributing to the country’s complex recovery journey.

Facts about Colombia

Our work in Colombia


We provide training and resources to help people in poverty, violence stricken regions, grow small businesses and earn incomes.

Savings Groups

We connect some of the most disadvantaged families to a community group to start their journeys toward financial inclusion.

Improving Education

Our EduFinance program equips educators with loans and industry-leading curriculum to improve schools and the quality of education they offer.

Ultra-Poverty Graduation Program

This 18-month program offers life skills training alongside weekly home visits from case managers. Participants receive assets to start their own business and a cash stipend for the first six months. The program results in better living conditions and an economically sustainable livelihood for graduates.

Fueling dreams with hope and opportunity.

Amid Colombia’s beauty and vibrant culture, lies a harsh reality – ultra-poverty. Ultra-poverty households tend to be headed by women. Often socially excluded, they lack opportunities to build better lives for themselves. Without extra support and training in life-skills, these families remain trapped in the cycle of poverty. But that’s where Agape’s Pathway to Opportunity Graduation Program comes in. Watch the video now to learn more about this transformative program.

Will you help empower more people like Yovanis on their journey out of poverty?