Alleviating poverty in Nicaragua.

In recent years, Nicaragua has faced consistent political instability and conflict which has perpetuated many economic and social inequalities throughout the country. The covid-19 pandemic and back-to-back hurricanes, only served to increase the poverty rate and exacerbate existing economic hardships that much of the population faced.

Opportunity’s work in Nicaragua supports community-based economic development initiatives which aims to support improved livelihood sustainability for both clients living in rural and urban areas. Our work focuses on providing micro-loans and other financial resources that empowers, individual entrepreneurs, families, and entire communities. 

Facts about Nicaragua

Our work in Nicaragua


We provide training and resources to help people in poverty, violence stricken regions, grow small businesses and earn incomes.

Savings Groups

We connect some of the most disadvantaged families to a community group to start their journeys toward financial inclusion.

Grettel Parrales

Empowering dreams and opportunity for future generations...

When Grettel married her husband and joined the business, she brought an important relationship with her – a partnership with Opportunity International. When she was just 18, she began working with Opportunity and received loans to support a clothing business that she operated with her mother. So when the rope business needed an influx of capital to grow, she knew exactly where to turn.

Join us in empowering people like Grettel to shape a better tomorrow for their families.