Meet Bessy

Microfinance Client, Honduras


Realizing she needed to increase the household income, Bessy came up with the idea to open a pulperia business selling household necessities. She thought it would be unique to also sell food and beverages so customers would have no need to shop anywhere else on their way to and from work – something she hadn’t seen done in the other pulperias near her home. Her husband was proud of the idea and encouraged her to achieve her dream byv isiting her local IDH branch when they saw an advertisement on television.

Bessy worked hard, using her first loan to start a pulperia and buy a stove, her second loan to buy more inventory and the ingredients and supplies she needed to start preparing and selling food including plantain chips, chicken, pork, and pastries. Her husband loved her cooking, but she was delighted when she turned her favorite recipes and hobby into food that became beloved by neighbours and passersby. She used her third and most recent loan, this one valuing $5,500, to increase her working capital, buy another stove and further diversify her business by importing and selling perfume. This business move caught the attention of more ladies in her community.

When others struggled during COVID-19 shutdowns, she began to deliver food and fulfill orders for household items since her business was considered a necessity – which kept her business growing. She even created two jobs, including one for her mother-in-law who can now support herself and her family.

Today, Bessy is positioned to hire a new employee for the morning shift when she is busy cooking to meet the increased demand. She says, “Now I am a true partner with IDH, and they are very good to me!” She plans to take an additional loan soon which she will use to expand her business by adding yet another stove which will allow her to increase her breakfast and lunch offerings.

Loved by all who know her, Bessy is known as a visionary with a high energy personality that is contagious to all who cross her path. She dreams of one day opening an eatery where people can sit and enjoy their meals and visit. Bessy’s IDH business advisor has no doubt she will achieve her ultimate goal.

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