Dominican Republic


Alleviating poverty in the Dominican Republic.

Our mission-driven efforts in the Dominican Republic are making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities, combating poverty, and fostering sustainable growth. For millions living in poverty, low productivity and wages and high inflation are eroding family incomes, pushing decent livelihoods, access to healthcare, and the hope for a good education even further beyond their reach.

Facts about the Dominican Republic

Our work in the Dominican Republic


We provide micro-loans, savings accounts, financial literacy training, and other financial services to help people in poverty grow small businesses and earn incomes.

Aspiring Together

This is an innovative program that uses the graduation model to empower marginalized women by guiding them through launching sustainable, income-generating businesses.

Quality Education

Through our implementing partner, Aspire, we work with schools in the Dominican Republic helping them provide quality education in an inclusive environment.

Digital Services

We are focused on increasing digitization to allow clients to access their accounts at other bank branches and ATMs.

A inspiring journey to entrepreneurial success...

With a small loan granted by our Implementing Partner in the Dominican Republic, Sandy started a business in the patio of his house cutting hair for people in his neighbourhood. After a few years and several loan cycles later, he went into partnership with another barber and eventually progressed to owning his own salon. The reason he started the business – to support his four children. Now, Sandy’s 14-year-old son is learning the trade under his guidance.

Join us in fostering dreams and generational success for families like Sandy's!