Alleviating poverty in India

India’s economic landscape is nothing short of a paradoxical narrative. Amongst the towering skyscrapers, sprawling slums persist. While technology has empowered some families to bolster their incomes, it remains frustratingly elusive for those who need it the most. A staggering 24% of those in extreme poverty call India home, constituting the largest concentration of such individuals worldwide.

Facts about India

Our work in India

poverty in India
Empowering Women

Mentoring is designed to educate women on domestic violence awareness, family health, and suicide prevention. Women are also trained as agent bankers to support financial services in rural communities to provide more women with access to banking services.


We build strategic alliances to address water, sanitation, and health issues. We also work to train women in rural communities to be Health Leaders who can disseminate life-saving health and nutrition information as well as basic healthcare services to their communities.

Social Performance Management

Dia Vikas is a leader on collecting information about how products and services affect clients in outreach, range of services, protection, satisfaction, and transformation.

How your support is making a difference.

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How a small loan can make a big difference...

When Beesamma’s husband passed away, she knew that she would have to work hard to care for her three children and ensure the best possible life for them. With the help of a small loan, she started a chicken snack business. Additional loans have helped her to grow her business. With her hardworking and determined spirit, her children are all in school with a bright future ahead of them.

You can be part of ensuring a bright future for families like Beesamma's!