Alleviating poverty through financial inclusion.

Today, 1 in 4 of the world’s population live in poverty. Opportunity comes alongside families at their place of need along the poverty spectrum, responding to the unique and changing circumstances of those living in extreme poverty and ultra-poverty.

Small loans, as low as $250, and access to a secure place to save are combined with robust training in matters of finance, business, managing a household budget, and technology solutions like digital banking.

As one of the pioneers of microfinance, Opportunity International develops and delivers innovative financial tools, including access to capital, savings, training and coaching, to help marginalized people, mostly women, build and grow sustainable income-generating businesses that allow their families to break free from generational poverty and thrive.


How microfinance works.


1. Donations are received from generous donors.


2. Funds are leveraged by our microfinance program partners and used as evidence of financial strength, enabling partners to secure further funding from lenders.


3. Loans are distributed to help families build businesses. Impact is increased as businesses expand, allowing families to feed, educate and provide healthcare to their children. Many create jobs in their community.


4. Loans are recycled. Once a client repays their loan, it is re-lent to someone else. The historical rate of repayment is 98%.


5. The cycle of poverty is broken, and families are marginalized no more. Individuals, families, and communities begin to thrive.

Marginalized no more...

Every day, people are experiencing a renewed hope and freedom for the first time because of the sustainable impact of microfinance made possible through supporters like you.

Increased incomes help families become food secure with more nutritional options, educate their children, and improve health and security. Earnings are invested back into businesses resulting in growth and job opportunities for neighbours. Communities start to thrive, and families begin to overcome generations of marginalization.

That’s the potential of opportunity!

Your support can help more microfinance clients, like Doris, on their journeys towards a better future!