About Global Poverty


The global poverty crisis is urgent;
our response is timely and relevant.

Global poverty is an urgent issue which demands collaborative efforts to create effective and sustainable solutions that can uplift the lives of millions in need.

It is estimated that almost 650 million of the world’s population live in extreme poverty. Ultra-poverty is a subset of this. Often headed by women, these households tend to require more dedicated time, guidance, and specialized products and services to build better lives for themselves. 

Opportunity International Canada envisions a world in which all people can achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. Through microfinance, training, and support we are empowering families to build better lives for themselves and leave poverty behind for good.

Though the challenge remains great, we are committed to creating sustainable, scalable, and multi-faceted solutions to alleviating poverty and creating lasting change.

Understanding Poverty


Meet some lives being transformed.

Christiana, Ghana

Christiana’s story is one of remarkable resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite growing up in extreme poverty and facing challenges, she found the determination to improve her life and her children’s futures. With the help of a microloan, Christiana began selling small items. With her hardwork and determination, she has transformed her business from a humble roadside table to a thriving market shop.

Anyeli, Colombia

Anyeli's pursuit of a brighter future in Venezuela took an unexpected turn with motherhood and her husband's involvement in criminal activities. Concerned for her family's safety, she returned to Colombia, where she encountered Agape's Graduation Program on Lago Street. Initially reserved, Anyeli embraced the program's training, gradually building confidence and knowledge to create a better life for her family.

Senayda, Honduras

Senayda and her husband earned an income by renting vehicles for their taxi service from others, but they dreamed of owning their own. She sought loans from traditional banking providers but was denied. Then, one day her life took a pivotal turn when she was introduced to IDH, our implementing partner in Honduras.

Opportunity delivered.

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