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Connecting you to your impact.

Opportunity International is committed to ensuring that every dollar you donate is handled with transparency, accountability, and integrity. We believe in sharing the journey with you, from the moment you choose to make a difference to the tangible results your generosity achieves.

Measuring Impact

SPM is a framework we use to collect data on who we serve and how their lives are changing. We analyze this data to check our alignment in our mission and improve our performance.

Sharing Knowledge

Delve into the heart of our work and explore the transformative impact of your support. In these reports, we offer insights, stories, and data that illuminate our mission's progress and the lives touched by your generosity.

Reporting Impact

Our Impact Reports highlight our transformative work and tangible growth helping individuals and communities living in poverty through successful initiatives, programs, and projects.

Financial Reports

We are committed to ensuring that your trust is upheld, and our financial statements offer insights into how we leverage your support to drive meaningful change in the lives of those we serve.

Opportunity International Canada has once again been named a Top 100 Charity in Canada. Thank you to generous supporters like you who make our impact possible. Your contributions are transforming lives & changing the world.

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