Alleviating poverty in Ghana.

In Ghana, the landscape of poverty is increasingly concentrated in rural areas, where numerous low-income households depend on cocoa cultivation as their primary source of sustenance.

As the country’s largest export, cocoa possesses immense potential to uplift these families from the depths of extreme poverty, especially given its escalating global demand. Ghana’s journey towards economic advancement over recent decades stands as a beacon of progress in West Africa. Nonetheless, many households continue to teeter on the brink of poverty, where even a minor setback like unforeseen healthcare expenses or adverse weather during the planting season can plunge them back into destitution. Elevating the agriculture sector’s strength and ensuring accessible quality education for their children are pivotal elements for propelling the nation’s progress further.

Facts about Ghana

Our work in Ghana


We provide micro-loans, savings accounts, financial literacy training, and other financial services to help people in poverty grow small businesses and earn incomes.

Women's Rural Agricultural Program

Farmers receive loans and training on how to properly care for and how to grow crops. The crop focus in Ghana includes cocoa, chili, plantain, citrus and onions.

Youth Apprenticeship

This program transforms the lives of vulnerable Ghanaian youth by providing uneducated and unemployed young people the skills necessary for success in viable trades.

Women's Empowerment

This program empowers women entrepreneurs through mentorship with successful female mentors, resulting in increased income for both and lasting family change.

Quality Education

This program allows the expansion of classroom capacity, improvement of sanitation and enhancement of technology. School fee loans and fee insurance are available to parents.

How your support is making a difference.

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From extreme poverty to prosperity...

Christiana’s story is one of remarkable resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite growing up in extreme poverty and facing challenges, she found the determination to improve her life and her children’s futures. She began by selling small items. Through the support of Sinapi Aba and her own hard work, Christiana transformed her business from a humble roadside table to a thriving market shop.

Her children, once in poverty, became the first in their community to attend university, and Christiana is proud to see them well-equipped for their futures.

Join us in empowering more people like Christiana towards a brighter future.