Leave a Legacy


Planned giving to help you
leave lasting legacy.

Your planned giving with Opportunity International Canada has the power to transform lives and create sustainable change for generations to come. We invite you to explore how you can contribute to our mission and help build a brighter future for those in need. Together, we can turn dreams into reality and create a world where opportunities abound for all.

Opportunity International Canada partners with ADVISORS with Purpose – a nationally recognized organization that works with charities and donors in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills and Legacy Giving – to offer you a complimentary, personal and confidential Estate Planning service.

Benefits of Planned Giving

Tax Relief

Planned giving offers significant tax advantages. By choosing to support Opportunity International through methods such as charitable remainder trusts or gifts of appreciated assets, you can reduce your tax liability while supporting a cause you’re passionate about. 

Secure Your Families Future

Through strategies like bequests, charitable trusts, and life insurance policies, you can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of while also making a lasting impact on underserved communities around the world.

Peace of Mind

Planning Giving will provide peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order. Your current income will not be affected and you can make changes to your plan at anytime. 

Phil and Sue's Legacy of Impact

Phil and Sue did not think estate planning was for them – after all, other than some life insurance, a bit of RRSP savings and the family cottage, they had little financial assets. And really, their four kids would certainly not get rich from what would be left to them.

But when Phil and Sue met with an ADVISORS with Purpose estate specialist to ensure that their Will was current they were genuinely surprised to learn that they would leave an estate valued at close to $675,000 – after a potential tax bill of around $74,000. Considering several options Phil and Sue chose to add a fifth child as a beneficiary to their Will – a “Child Called Charity”. They were thrilled because this option allowed them to eliminate the tax bill and leave a little over $150,000 to each child and they could leave a gift of over $135,000 to charity as well. Never in their life had they been able to make that kind of donation.

And when they told their children how, through their Will they would continue to make a significant donation to a charity that was important to them, the legacy they left their children was even more meaningful.

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