Innnovative Programs

Ultra-poor women face social exclusion, lack confidence and opportunities to plan for their futures.


Reaching wider and deeper to eliminate poverty.

A subset of extreme poverty are those living in ultra-poverty who are unable to meet the most basic of needs including food, shelter, and clothing. Families living in extreme or ultra-poverty often need more dedicated time, more guidance, and specialized products and services.

And that’s where Opportunity International Canada comes in. Our Innovative Programs, reach families across the poverty spectrum with access to products and services that will help them break free from generational poverty.

With your help, we are seeing lasting, sustainable change . 

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Youth Apprenticeship Program

Equipping young people in Ghana with new skills and hope for the future.

Women's Empowerment

Through our mentorship programs, we work alongside women to ensure sustainable, profitable livelihoods.

Trust Groups

Trust Groups encourage members with accountability and support as they build businesses and support families.

Women's Rural Agricultural

The Women's Rural Agricultural program in Ghana helps farmers increase their productivity, harvests and incomes by more than 40%

Refugee Support

In Uganda, we provide services and support to enable refugees to start new lives through financial and social inclusion.

Graduations Programs

Bridging the gap by meeting families at their point of need and offering continuous training, mentorship, and assistance.

Digital Financial Solutions

In Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, these solutions help us scale and reach people in remote areas.

Social Performance Management (SPM)

SPM is a tool to measures impact, while prioritizing clients and improving outcomes.

From ultra-poverty to a hope filled life...

Ultra-poverty exists and is completely devastating. However, with innovative opportunities, desperation and hopelessness can turn into joy and rekindled hope.

Guerline is one of the many clients whose life has been transformed. She’s been on a journey that has moved her from extreme hardship to now owning her own home, having access to clean water and being able to send her children to school and ensuring they have at least one healthy meal every day.
That’s the power of opportunity!

You can be part of helping people like Guerline build better lives for themselves and their families.