Alleviating poverty in Uganda.

In Uganda, a substantial 41% of the population grapples with poverty, and almost half—are under the age of 15, rendering Uganda one of the world’s youngest nations. Uganda hosts the largest refugee population in Africa, with over a million seeking refuge within its borders. Looking forward, a key priority includes bolstering agricultural development, poised to deliver positive outcomes for families with limited resources. Moreover, this focus on agriculture promises to create viable prospects for both young individuals and refugees, ensuring sustainable livelihoods within this vital sector.

Facts about Uganda

Our work in Uganda

Refugee Support

In Uganda, we provide services and support to enable refugees to start new lives through financial and social inclusion.

Empowering local farmers to ensure brighter futures...

Mary Makkazi is a single mother and a maize farmer in Uganda, where she works tirelessly to support her five children. With a loan from Opportunity, she was able to purchase higher-quality seed and fertilizer, improving both the quality and yield of her crops.

Join us in fostering dreams and create a brighter future for people like Mary!