Education Finance

Today, approximately 63% of people over 15 who live in extreme poverty have no schooling or only some basic education.

Education Finance

Ending extreme poverty tomorrow,
by educating children today.

Today, 617 million children worldwide are not meeting basic proficiency levels in reading and mathematics—or are not in school at all. When children lack quality education, it perpetuates poverty and global inequality, generation after generation. Research shows that giving children access to good education reduces poverty and inequality, increases life expectancy, and gives women and girls more decision-making power.

Your support towards Education Finance isn’t just a donation; it’s a catalyst for positive change, enabling these children to build brighter futures and contribute to a better world.


The need is urgent...

1 in 3

children in low-income countries don't complete their primary education


million primary school age children were not in school in 2018


of girls in low-income countries cannot read or write

Unlocking possibilities...

We partner with socially-focused financial institutions to provide access to Education Finance for schools and communities. This paves the way for students to stay in school and helps schools make capital investments for growth and development.

Opportunity International Canada funds programs in collaboration with our Global Partners that improve education outcomes. Together, we are sculpting a brighter future by elevating education outcomes. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential through education, and every school should have the means to grow and thrive.

Join us on this inspiring journey towards a world where education is the key that unlocks limitless possibilities.

About Education Finance


We offer School Improvement Loans and School Fee Loans through local financial institutions to help low-cost private schools construct more classrooms, improve infrastructure, enhance security measures, and support parents in paying school fees on time.

About Education Quality

Our EduQuality initiative supports 1,600+ schools to improve teaching & learning. Teachers collaborate through School Clusters & access Pathways to Excellence support. We train school leaders to enhance education.

Your support can help provide quality education and change the future for many children!