For many, living in poverty can mean a life of malnutrition, poor hygiene, and preventable diseases going untreated.


Improving health and well-being to save lives.

At the heart of our mission is the understanding that when you empower individuals with knowledge, you empower entire communities with the tools they need to transform their health, nutrition, and sanitation. This incredible journey towards lasting change is made possible by donors like you.

In collaboration with you, Opportunity International is focused on uplifting local leaders. When you partner with us, you’re enabling the training and empowerment of dedicated individuals who are catalysts for change within their communities.

How the Community Health Leader program works.


1. Donations are received from generous donors. A small loan gives a woman the opportunity to start a business and improve the lives of her family members with increased income.


2. Training is offered for women who want to become health leaders in the community. This includes six months of training on essential healthcare and sanitation.

3. During training, leaders pinpoint pressing needs within their communities, understanding the problems and crafting effective solutions.

4. Families are reached in the local community as the new health leader shares her skills and knowledge with up to 200 households over six months.

5. Community health improves as essential health and hygiene knowledge is shared and sanitization practices are improved within the community.


Your support is changing lives...

India: Trained leaders empower families with life-saving knowledge that resonates through generations. Learn more.

Ghana: Through our apprenticeship program, young women and girls are equipped with skills to prevent early pregnancy and avoid communicable diseases. Learn more.

Haiti: Families are learning the foundations of good nutrition and proper sanitation, thanks to our ultra-poor microfinance program. Learn more.

You can make a lasting impact on global health!