Meet Karla

Microfinance Client, Nicaragua


Karla’s bustling household is a hub of activity, where she resides with her four children and twenty other relatives in a shared family home. Space is a precious commodity in their crowded living environment, but Karla has ingeniously carved out her own corner, where she has nurtured a thriving business that’s reshaping her life.

Years ago, as a young woman, Karla’s brother worked at a local hammock factory. In the evenings, he passed on his knowledge to Karla, teaching her the art of weaving string to craft hammocks, bags, and fashionable accessories. Karla’s talents led her to secure a job producing 15 bags per day for a local weaver. However, despite her artistry, her earnings remained meager. When she became pregnant at the age of 19 with her first child, she realized that she needed to find a way to provide more for her family.

Eight years ago, determined to use her skills to launch her own business, Karla sought the assistance of ASODENIC. She secured a $23 loan to purchase essential materials and embarked on producing bags, which she sold in her community..

Today, with training and support, Karla has diversified her business, adding hammocks, bracelets, and even a range of products like produce, local snacks, ice cream treats, and soda, all sold from outside her home. Her eldest daughter and her fiancé, who also reside in the family home, work alongside her, experimenting with new styles and supporting Karla as her demand grows.

Karla wholesales her hammocks to market vendors and produces up to 15 hammocks per week. She is currently working with a $400 loan to expand her business, introduce new styles and products, and help her family achieve their dreams. Her children, aged 19, 15, 7, and 5, all have ambitious aspirations – to become an orthodontist, a graphic designer, a flight attendant, and a veterinarian, respectively. Karla is dedicated to empowering them to reach their goals.

As for Karla herself, she’s pursuing two significant dreams.

First, she aims to acquire her land and a house independent of her family, diligently saving for a space that’s entirely her own. Secondly, she aspires to open her own store, eliminating dependence on other vendors. Selling directly to customers, especially tourists, would significantly boost her monthly revenue.

Despite the daunting expense of market stalls, Karla’s dreams remain resolute, and she’s determined to see them through.

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