Meet Senayda

Microfinance Client, Honduras


“Other financial institutions would take one look at me and wouldn’t give me a loan. They wouldn’t consider my experience. Just my appearance would make them reject me.”

These are the words of Senayda, a local business owner in Honduras. When visiting with her and her husband, she shared how their dream was to own their own taxi, rather than renting it one from someone else. Now, because of the microloans she’s received, they own 2 taxis, renting one of them out to another driver and generating passive income for their family.

Senayda also provides various services to her community through a meal delivery service and other businesses she operates

Only Opportunity International Canada’s partner in Honduras, was willing to loan her the funds needed to turn her dreams into a reality. “They didn’t care how I looked. They trusted me and gave me the loans I needed to build my business.”

Now, Senayda’s a thriving, successful businesswoman who has changed the trajectory of her family and her kids.

Will you help empower more hardworking entrepreneurs, on their journey out of poverty?