Opportunity Named One of Canada's Top 10 International Impact Charities

We are thrilled to announce that Opportunity International Canada has been named one of the Top 10 International Impact Charities 2019 by Charity Intelligence

This announcement comes just weeks after we were listed in a Maclean’s article – Canada’s Best Charities 2020:Top 100

In a statement about the release, Charity Intelligence said:

A growing number of donors each year are looking for terrific charities to support, particularly those that have measurable high demonstrated impact. 

“Impact” and “investing” are popular buzzwords often used by charities along with marketing slogans saying they “make a difference”. Charity Intelligence’s rigorous analysis measures the “difference”, or the impact, charities make. 

Like all investments, returns vary considerably. Some charities have high impact returns, some charities have low impact returns. Of the 203 Canadian charities that we’ve analysed for impact, these Top 10 have the highest measurable demonstrated impact. Our calculations estimate this group of Top 10 Impact Charities delivers average returns of seven times for every dollar donated, compared with average returns of 1-2 times on the dollar.  

We are deeply grateful for this recognition and thank all of our donors for helping us achieve this level of impact. 

You can join a community of like-minded innovative thinkers, change-makers, global citizens, and optimists as we are changing the reality of global poverty by empowering small scale entrepreneurs.   



Opportunity International Canada designs, delivers, and scales innovative solutions to transform the lives of those living in poverty through sustainable livelihoods and education. Made up of a global network of change-making organizations, Opportunity International strives towards a world where everyone is afforded equal opportunity to live a life with dignity and purpose. It was founded with the belief that the marketplace can be used as a channel and means of economic vitality for poor communities.

The unique approach works from the bottom up to combat poverty at the roots by establishing a firm foundation through sustainable livelihoods rather than a top-down approach through aid. Microfinance, the use of microcredit and financial services, is employed as a means of poverty alleviation that empowers the poor to drive economic progress. Opportunity International seeks to make an impact that is far-reaching, holistic, and transformative for clients, their families, their communities, and their futures.


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