Meet Teresa

Microfiance Client, Ghana


Teresa’s first microloan was not only a financial turning point but a life-changing moment. She recounted her story, vividly recalling the early days when she carried eggs on her head, selling them on bustling streets. It was a humble beginning, and one that reflects her determination to provide for her family in the face of difficulties.

Around seven years ago, Opportunity International’s Implementing Partner, Sinapi Aba Savings & Loans, stepped into Teresa’s life with a lifeline – a loan of 1,000 cedis ($85 USD). That initial sum, though modest in the eyes of many, was a profound opportunity for Teresa. It was the start of her journey towards economic empowerment and a brighter future.

Fast forward to the present, and Teresa has come a long way. Her current loan of 70,000 cedis is a reflection of the growth her business has seen over the years. No longer does she need to carry her eggs on her head through the streets. The loans from SASL have provided her with the means of establishing a roadside shop.

What’s perhaps even more inspiring is the ripple effect of Teresa’s progress. Her daughter is now pursuing her dreams in nursing training. Teresa’s commitment to improving her family’s life has not only secured their future but also empowered the next generation.

Teresa has become an active member of SASL’s financial family. She diligently saves with SASL, contributing about 20 cedis daily to her savings account. It’s not just about the money. It’s also about the knowledge that she can provide for her family’s needs.

SASL’s training programs have played a pivotal role in Teresa’s journey. They empowered her with the knowledge and skills to manage her business and cash flow effectively.

Teresa’s story took another remarkable turn as she transitioned from mentee to mentor in SASL’s Women’s Mentorship Program. As a mentor, Teresa now provides the support and guidance that she once received to two others on their journey towards financial empowerment.

Teresa’s journey is a testament to the power of opportunity to uplift individuals and communities, enabling them to build better lives filled with dignity and purpose.

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