Meet Fabiola

Graduation Program Client, Haiti


Fabiola’s story is a testament to the transformative impact of the Ultra-Poverty Graduation Program, Pathway to a Better Life, in Haiti. She resides in Verèt, where she shares a small rented room with her three children. With two different fathers, Fabiola’s children faced financial challenges, as neither father offered support. She shares, “It’s been five years since I heard anything from the older kids’ dad.”

Fabiola, a resilient entrepreneur, initially managed her family’s livelihood through small-scale business. Her journey began as a young girl, buying used clothing at the market near the coast in Ponsonde and reselling it in a nearby market. Dezam was her source of fresh produce, which she would then bring back for bulk sales in Ponsonde to merchants from Senmak, Gonayiv, and even Pòtoprens.

However, when Fabiola was pregnant with her youngest child, the challenges of maintaining her trade between the two markets became increasingly difficult. Her financial struggles escalated when it was time to pay her older two children’s school fees. Fabiola was compelled to withdraw capital from her business to cover these costs, ultimately leaving her short of funds to meet her 5,000-gourd rent payment due in April.

Life took a pivotal turn with the support and training received from Fonkoze’s Pathway to a Better Life program. 

In a resourceful move, she invested the last of her money in purchasing cooking charcoal. Fabiola sold this charcoal in small bags to customers seeking just enough for a single meal, adapting her inventory depending on available resources. She also complemented her income by utilizing the cash stipends provided by the graduation program.

Her hard work paid has off. Fabiola has a vision to leverage the investment fund provided by the program to purchase three goats, and she has already acquired one. Through consistent contributions to the savings and loan group, she successfully secured a loan to acquire a second goat. She enthusiastically shares, “Having goats provides me with a way to manage things.”

Fabiola’s future plans include selling one goat to pay for having a latrine dug for her family. She aspires to trade goats for a cow. While she intends to build a new house on family-owned land, her ultimate dream is to become a property owner and construct a more substantial home.

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