Meet Byron

Microfinance Client, Nicaragua


Byron is one of the many clients who is pressing forward, on his own journey out of poverty in Nicaragua.   

In 2019, Byron found himself unemployed. Many Nicaraguans in his situation, facing unemployment and economic hardship, were pushed even further below the poverty line when the pandemic started. Skyrocketing food and energy prices in Nicaragua made it nearly impossible for people like Byron to meet their basic needs. 

But with Byron’s honest, responsible, and hardworking spirit he was determined to turn his life around, and he embarked on a journey to start his own business. 

He joined an ASODENIC trust group, where he received his first loan that he used to start a grocery store. As his business grew, he pursued further loans to diversify. Today, in addition to groceries, he sells a wide range of products, including bookstore items, hardware, and clothing. His wife works alongside him in the business using her accounting background to manage the books. 

His life has been completely changed, and it all started with one loan.

This is the potential of opportunity – a journey that leads people, like Byron, out of poverty towards a future where hope is renewed, and possibilities are unlimited. 

Will you help empower more hardworking entrepreneurs, on their journey out of poverty?