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6 Simple Steps To Start A Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook now allows people to create fundraisers to help support their favorite organizations and causes. Here’s how you can help raise money for Opportunity International Canada.

Step 1

To get started  go to - and click "raise money". 

Step 2

Click "Select Nonprofit" and type in "Opportunity International Canada"

Step 3

You can use one of their default images, upload one of your own or use one of our EmpowerHER campaign images - click here to download.

Step 4

Though you can choose to keep the automated title and description for your fundraiser about Opportunity's mission and why you’re raising money for our work, your friends are more likely to respond if you customize your message. Share why Opportunity is meaningful to you. 

For our EmpowerHER campaign you might want to consider the following:

Title: EmpowerHER for International Woman's Day

Why are you raising money? Women hold a world of potential. They are caretakers, community leaders, and the backbone of societies. When women are empowered, communities can thrive.

Join me in empowering women by supporting projects that encourage gender equality and inclusion for women in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, India, and around the world. Opportunity International unleashes the power of entrepreneurs in the developing world. Our innovative approach and services allow more people to expand their businesses, create jobs and change the world.

Click here to get details on each of the projects.

Step 5

It is always great to have a meaning behind why you chose the number. Consider tieing it to one of our campaign programs:

  • $110 – EmpowerHER to participate in the “Aspiring Together” program in the Dominican Republic, providing the tools to drastically transform the lives of women and her children’s future.
  • $40 - EmpowerHER to attend this unique event and go forward as a more financially astute businesswoman. An opportunity like this does not normally exist for Ghanaian women and they are eager to attend.
  • $1,200 - EmpowerHER to train as a Basic Health Care Provider in India and give her the necessary tools to support over 1,000 people with life-saving health, hygiene, and nutrition knowledge.
  • $166 - EmpowerHER around the world with the life-changing financial solutions and training needed to create lasting change for women, her family and community.

Step 6

Spread the word!

To reach as many of your friends as possible, be persistent! Make sure to post your fundraiser at least a few times before your end date approaches. Here are two ways to follow up

  • Open your fundraiser page and click the “Share” button. From there, choose to either post it on your timeline again (and tag your friends) or send it in a private message.
  • For those friends who may not visit Facebook often, copy and paste the URL into an e-mail. 

On behalf of Opportunity International Canada, thank you for your support! If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at


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