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Empower HERWhen empowered, women will change the world

Join us in supporting projects that encourage gender equality and inclusion for women in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, India, and other countries around the world.

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Women hold a world of potential. They are caretakers, community leaders, and the backbone of societies. When women are empowered, communities can thrive. You can take action to empower women across the world. Join us in supporting projects that encourage gender equality and inclusion for women in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, India, and around the world.

Why women?

The world’s poorest are disproportionately women. Social and economic inequality, stigma, and corresponding laws make it so that women are often held back. Globally, women are 26% less likely than men to be employed (2017 Women’s Economic Empowerment). As a result, 75% of work in the informal economy is done by women, perpetuating the cycle of low wages and limited access to the formal financial market.

The gender gap ranges from education starting at an early age to financial limitations later in life. As of 2016 there are 5.2 million more primary school aged girls out of school than boys (UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2018). When these girls grow up, they are often less educated than men and experience more financial instability with limited access to credit or financial services.

To put this reality into perspective, 66% of the world’s work is done by women, yet they receive 10% of the pay.

EmpowerHER with Opportunity

When women are empowered, her family and community benefits. In fact, for every dollar a woman receives, she invests most of it into her family. Thus, each successive generation can gain more opportunities and live a life with less limitations. “When you educate a girl, you educate a village” (Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky). The important role that women play in educating, feeding, and caring for their families is the hidden power that women hold in creating a better world.

This understanding of the value of investing in women and girls has shaped Opportunity’s own strategies, tools and programs. Because we know that empowered women are key to ending extreme poverty, Opportunity serves over 7.9 million hard-working women in 21 other countries. These women have transformed their lives through microloans, savings, training and other services. 

By providing a dignified solution for women to access capital savings, financial services, training, and education, you are equipping her family with the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty. As we work to uplift women, we are unleashing opportunities and untapped potential for generations to come and for entire communities to prosper.

The need is great, and the impact is significant.

What can you do?

Show your support

Go to and update your profile picture with one of our EmpowerHER profile frames to show your support.

Engage your community

Start a Facebook fundraiser (it’s quick and easy to do) and ask your friends and family to join you to EmpowerHER.

Give your support

Equip women with the tools and training they need to change their world. Invest in one of the four projects below. 

4 Ways to Empower HER Today grow her business

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force behind economic growth. In Ghana they account for 92% of all business and are critical to providing sustainable livelihoods. Our “Financial Inclusion” Conferences for Women in Ghana aim to bring together 150-200 women SME entrepreneurs to encourage them to innovate and build their businesses to deliver economic growth. Your contribution of $40 will EmpowerHER to attend this unique event and go forward as a more financially astute business woman. An opportunity like this does not normally exist for Ghanaian women and they are eager to attend. They transfer the learning from the conference to their businesses at home, and as their SMEs grow, profits increase, jobs are generated, and transformation occurs for their families and communities.

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EmpowerHER... to build healthy communities

The difficulties of living in poverty are not limited to raising capital. Families are also hindered through lack of awareness, access, and affordability of health care. The reality is that 70% of illnesses in poor communities are preventable but many of these illnesses continue to prevail due to lack of access to health services. Opportunity is changing this reality by training microfinance clients as Basic Health Care Providers in partnership with Cashpor and the Healing Fields Foundation. Basic Health Care Providers are local women who are trained to teach their communities basic health, hygiene and nutrition education, while also providing health-related products and services such as sanitary napkins, first-aid, and loans to improve access to clean water and sanitation. Your contribution of $1,200 will EmpowerHER to train as a Basic Health Care Provider and give her the necessary tools to support over 1,000 people with life-saving health, hygiene, and nutrition knowledge.

Give Now overcome limitations

Many women in the Dominican Republic are living in poor conditions, and with little education, they face real disadvantages. With limited access to sustainable livelihoods, the women who are the most in need, continue to live their adult lives on the margin. Our solution is “Aspiring Together”, a self-help group program that provides financial literacy and opportunities for financial and social inclusion of women through training and mentoring. Your contribution of $110 will EmpowerHER to participate in the “Aspiring Together” program, providing the tools to drastically transform the lives of women and her children’s future.

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EmpowerHER... to change the world

While our projects in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and India are specifically targeted towards inclusion for women, Opportunity International serves over 7.9 million hard-working women in 21 other countries. Women who have transformed their lives with dignity through microloans, savings, training and other services. In addition to female microentrepreneurs, we also tackle the root of the gender gap by empowering girls to attend and stay in school. Your contribution of $166 will EmpowerHER with the life-changing financial solutions and training needed to create lasting change for women, her family and community.

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