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Where We Work Colombia

Get facts about poverty in Colombia and learn how we empower its people to work their way out of poverty and build a safety net for the future.

NubiaOpportunity International's very first loan was made in Colombia in 1971 through a Canadian missionary. From humble beginnings, Opportunity now works through a formal financial institution with loans and savings, as well as nonprofit partners AGAPE (Asociación General Para Asesorar Pequeñas Empresas) and Investing Hope Foundation (IHF). Opportunity Canada provides small loans to those at the bottom of the economic pyramid with specialized financial products. These include home improvement loans and innovative training provided by AGAPE, as well as Investing Hope Foundation's unique programs geared towards youth entrepreneurship.

Current Projects in Colombia

What's Happening In Colombia?

Read our latest Colombia update to learn more about the latest news from our program, partners and clients in the country. 

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Teaching the Next Generation of Colombians

One of our newest partners in Colombia, the Investing Hope Foundation, is reaching out to the very poor, those that cannot yet be reached through micro-finance, teaching them basic life skills of saving and entrepreneurship, and giving them hope that they haven’t had before.


Financial Literacy Training - Goal $200,000

AGAPE is committed to providing both financial and holistic training to microentrepreneurs. Most families in Colombian barrios have been running some sort of informal enterprise for years. Through training, AGAPE can provide them with financial and social skills to maximize their micro business. AGAPE is also looking to expand its training services to other organizations in the microfinance industry.

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Quality Of Life Training - Goal $200,000

One of the first things clients request is a loan to improve their home. With most clients living in unstable and unhygienic structures, this is understandable – they know that improving their home improves the health of everyone in the family. Answering this call led to the development of home improvement loans. However, such loans need a different kind of training. Clients require technical expertise to ensure they make appropriate renovations to improve their quality of life. AGAPE has also partnered with local organizations to offer safe water management training – lifesaving knowledge in a country where so many suffer serious water-borne illnesses.

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Changing The Financial Culture - Goal $200,000

Knowing almost every person in a poor family is involved in some sort of enterprise if a family is to survive, Investing Hope Foundation is working to build financial literacy among families, focusing on youth and children. Through training and self-help groups, Investing Hope Foundation offers informal saving group methodologies and entrepreneurial activities aiming to build the financial knowledge of the next generation.

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Colombia - General Fund

Support our work in Colombia where ever it is needed most. 

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