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Meet Our Clients Zoila Rodriguez

City: Quimistan
Country: Honduras
Loan Use: Purchased corn, wood and plastic bags in wholesale stores for her tortilla business

Opportunity International Client Zoila Rodriguez

Zoila Rodriguez (right) is an Opportunity client in Honduras and is a dynamic entrepreneur hidden under a quiet and reserved personality. She runs a corn tortilla making business out of her home. She has hired 3 young women from the community to help her make and cook the tortillas, and hired another person who delivers the tortillas by bicycle.

Before connecting with Opportunity International, Zoila's sales used to be $40 a day, with profits of $10 a day. But thanks to a $200 loan, she has been able to increase sales to $55 a day and profits have increased 50% to $15 a day!

Zoila says that this is the first time she has ever received a loan because she did not trust the alternative money-lenders who charge exorbitant interest and keep pressuring people to pay every day. She felt she could trust Opportunity International and decided to try with her first loan. She used the loan to buy corn, wood and plastic bags in wholesale stores to decrease her business expenses. She says that the increase in profits has helped her buy additional food for her large family and she hopes to expand her business by hiring more employees.

Small loans – big results! Your support of Opportunity International is giving entrepreneurs like Zoila the chance to work their way out of poverty, and I am so grateful to you.

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