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Meet Our Clients Lourdes Romero

City: Quimistan 
Country: Honduras
Loan Use: Purchased baking supplies to expand her tortilla and bakery business

Opportunity International Client Lourdes Romero

Lourdes Romero of Honduras used to work a full week of strenuous labour, only to earn a weekly profit of $15.

Fifteen dollars to feed her family, to buy necessities, to live.

Lourdes had four young children to support through her modest tortilla business. She needed help desperately to create a better future for her family. That’s when she heard about Opportunity.

Thanks in part to your generous support, Lourdes was able to join a trust group and receive a $100 loan. She used the money to purchase baking supplies in bulk that allowed her to expand her business to include cakes, donuts and pastries.

Soon, her weekly profits increased by 320%! Her business expanded so much that she was able to hire a mother of three to help her with the work—another woman whose life improved because of our commitment to help.

Like Lourdes, many women living in Honduras have the skills and determination to grow or sustain small businesses to support their families. They just need the capital that will allow them to make it happen. Will you consider donating to empower ambitious entrepreneurs to transform their lives?

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