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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

It’s a common question we ask our children as they grow. It is the first question that encourages us to dare to dream about a future full of possibilities. However, many children around the world never get the chance. Today, a girl born in Uganda is four times more likely to have her first child than a high school diploma before reaching adulthood.

Writing a New Story For Children's Education

Global Inequalities in Education Persist

For children in developing regions, access to schools is all too scarce. Across the world, over 200 million children and youth have never started school or have already dropped out. Millions more who have the chance to go to school are not learning. Every child deserves a quality education. Education is the greatest determinant of future economic status and self-reliance. Opportunity International is committed to putting and keeping more children in schools around the world.

There are 5 barriers in particular that keep children out of school:


No Schools Nearby


Futures Are Uncertain


Ill-equipped Schools and Teachers


Education Does Not Lead to Employment


School Fees & Supplies are Too Expensive

 Forcing children to walk long and unsafe distances.  Illness or death of a parent causes drop-outs. Overcrowded or underfunded schools are unable to adequately teach children.  Reducing the incentive for children to stay in school   Parents are unable to afford educational costs for all their children.

Our Solution

Opportunity works from the inside-out. We invest in parents and educators who are committed to making sure the children in their underserved communities have a chance to escape poverty by getting an education. We empower them with the financial tools and training they need to make sure that children can not only go to school, but also receive a quality education essential for their future success.


Ensuring Access to School For All 

To close the education gap, every child must have access to a quality, local school. However, in developing communities, financial challenges prevent low-income families from sending their children to school, and prevent schools from making much- needed improvements. Therefore, we start with financing, a critical first step in sending and keeping kids in school. 

School Improvement Loan

Schools lack upfront capital and so they are unable to expand or improve without funding from governments or school fees. With a loan, a school owner can invest in her school’s most pressing needs, such as building new classrooms to serve more students from the local community or hiring additional teachers to reduce class sizes.

School Fee Loan

The cost of school often burdens families. School Fee Loans ensure parents can cover educational expenses without sacrificing other needs like food, healthcare, or growing their small business.

Youth Savings Account

Without savings, unexpected events can threaten a child's future economic security. A savings account helps them to build a safety net, ensuring that they are prepared for their future even during economic uncertainty.

Kids in schoolTraining & Resources 

Improving Quality of Education For All

In addition to financing, we support educators in improving the quality of education children receive.

  • Opportunity runs education clusters, made up of leaders from up to a dozen schools, to facilitate collaboration, group problem-solving and best practice sharing
  • School assessments help proprietors understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a clearly defined roadmap for improvements

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Our Impact

* As of March 2020
School Fee Loans Disbursed
6.5 MIL
Children Benefitted
Number of Schools Currently Borrowing

Best Start School's Story

The Best Start School was created 13 years ago with just 40 students. When they started, they offered free uniforms and other perks to incentivize new students. Now, the school educates 466 students! Some of these students benefit from scholarships as well. When it first opened, there were only 4 classrooms in the school and now there are 4 different floors of classrooms. 

A School Improvement Loan helped The Best Start School in Ghana to install girls' bathrooms and provide access to clean drinking water. So now, girls are more likely to stay in school when they hit puberty. If girls stay in school, they are less likely to marry young and more likely to break the cycle of poverty.


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