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Microfinance 101

We believe that microfinance is a sustainable means of poverty alleviation leading to lasting, holistic development. Financial tools and training empower entrepreneurs to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities. 

Yes, we provide loans.

We are currently serving 6.6 million active clients.

What’s most astounding is that 96.4% of these loans are paid back.

It happens because an Opportunity International loan is not just money. It’s an entire system of support, guidance and accountability.

But this is only the first step. 

We have found that our clients are not only looking for loans, they also want a safe place to keep their money and protection against risk. They want to be able to plan for the future and ensure that they can reach their goals. 

We responded to our clients by developing savings accounts and microinsurance

These unique offerings, coupled with loans, provide a full suite of financial services to millions of people working their way out of poverty. 

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How does it work?

We’re nationals. Each partner is run by local staff who are vested in their community's and country's success.

We’re local. We are there, on the ground, forming partnerships, enlisting experts and building infrastructure to support new businesses and fuel the economy of the community.

We’re women. 97% of our loan clients are women, who re-invest in their families, improving nutrition and health care, educating their children and changing their lives.

We form Trust Groups who demand accountability but also support entrepreneurs on a very personal level.

When a loan is repaid, that money is then available for the next person and the next.

And a loan becomes so much more than a loan.

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