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2018 Speakers Bio's

David Stiller

David StillerDavid Stiller is the Founding Chair on the Board of Opportunity International Canada. A London, Ontario businessman and entrepreneur before he retired to engage in charitable work, David owned and managed a series of businesses ranging in focus from health care to industry and marketing.

For nine years he was with World Relief Canada – an organization that responded to disaster situations in the Third World, as a founding board member and then Chair of its Board of Directors. During that time, he travelled extensively in West Africa and Asia. In 1990 he began consulting with micro-credit organizations internationally as a volunteer on a full-time basis. He worked as Associate Secretary with Dr. Ron Sider of the Oxford Conference on Christian Faith and Economics responsible for co-ordinating world-wide regional conferences to address the Christian perspective on the impact of the market economy as a tool for addressing issues of poverty and justice.

In his international travels, he was fascinated with the ubiquitous tiny businesses that he encountered in the marketplaces and his growing conviction that strengthening the small poor entrepreneur through micro-financial services was important to unlocking the poverty cycle. From 1990-2008 he served as a consultant for the Opportunity International Network in Indonesia, Russia, Latin and Central America, Eastern Europe and Thailand. On behalf of the Network he also conducted feasibility studies and assessments in Guyana, St. Vincent, Brazil and Cuba. During this period he formed a board who incorporated Opportunity International Canada in 1998. In 2000 David implemented the Opportunity International Network’s accreditation program for all its member partners which was an important peer assessment tool in the microenterprise development industry. He served as Chair of the global board of the Network from 2003-2007.

David is a post-graduate of the University of Ottawa and attended additional graduate studies in Economic Development and Third World Studies at Eastern College, Pennsylvania. He and wife Evelyn have been blessed with three children and a multitude of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Larry Reed

LarryReedLarry Reed is the Senior Fellow for Financial Inclusion at RESULTS, a citizen’s advocacy group seeking to bring about legislation and policies that contribute to the elimination of extreme poverty around the world.  Larry serves as an advocate for the expanded use of the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach with national social welfare programs.  He does this by conducting research, writing articles and blog posts and organizing events to help government leaders learn how to apply this approach to their anti-poverty programs. 

Larry has worked for more than 30 years in designing, supporting and leading activities and organizations that empower poor people to transform their lives and their communities. For most of that time Reed worked with Opportunity International, including five years as their Africa Regional Director and eight years as the first CEO of the Opportunity International Network.

During his time with Opportunity, Larry helped to implement a strategy for developing full-service banks that served the very poor while mobilizing hundreds of millions of dollars in savings deposits and investments. Under his leadership, Opportunity developed the first microinsurance brokerage, which now serves hundreds of millions of people around the world. Larry has taught at the Boulder Institute of Microfinance for 18 years, served as the chair of the SEEP Network, the director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign and consulted with industry-wide initiatives like the Smart Campaign for Client Protection and MicroFinance Transparency.

Larry has authored the Global State of Ultra-Poverty, the State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Reports from 2010 to 2016 and has contributed to several books on finance and the poor including “The New World of Microfinance” (Rhyne, Otero, et. al., 1996), “Serving with the Poor in Africa” (Yamamori, Myers, Bediako and Reed, 1996), “Globalization and the Kingdom of God” (Goudzwaard, 2001) and “More Pathways Out of Poverty” (Harris et. al., 2006).

He is a graduate of Wheaton College and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  He and his wife Sandy have three children and three grandchildren.

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