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Dreams Do come True

By Doris Olafsen

Something amazing happens when God’s people respond, in obedience, when He calls them out for something beyond what they were even imagining. We heard that reiterated in every testimony that was given as we gathered in community for dinner at The Trading Post in Fort Langley on Sunday, June 3rd.

Paul shared the journey that his family and the family businesses had been on with Opportunity International for the past decade, and how a personal trip to Sousa in the Dominican Republic ended up being the birthplace of an idea about a partnership. At the same time that Paul and his brother Stephen were considering what it might look like to partner with The Samaritan Foundation, Dori and Chantelle were realizing that the time had come for microfinance in the Samaritan Foundation Villages in the Dominican Republic. And that was not in isolation – just a few months earlier, Christal had bravely decided to see if there just might be merit in recycling those toxic tires in the garbage dumps just outside of the villages. She wondered, “Would it be possible to turn something ugly into something beautiful?” It didn’t take many conversations for the ideas to become a concept and for the concept to take shape. Ben and Levi then entered the picture and the concept started to become a reality. Yes, it is true – dreams do come true when we follow God’s plans and purposes.

What a gift to hear how God worked in the hearts of his people – in different places, in different ways, but all at the same time. June 3rdwas the beginning of something above and beyond anything any of us could even hope or imagine.

It is our pleasure to share Ben’s inspiring message to us along with a few pictures that were captured – the overriding theme of the evening that resulted in $400,000 being realized toward the goal for the Microfinance initiative and OIC office space in the Dominican Republic. We look forward to being on this journey with you. It will be our joy to share more details about the upcoming trips to visit the work.

To God be the Glory! If you have any questions – contact Doris Olafsen at or 604.614.9892.

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