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6 Recipes From Our Clients' Tables

By Opportunity International Canada

Nothing brings people together like food! Across the world, people gather around dishes cooked with diverse ingredients and seasoned with local spices. In different regions, the same foods are cooked in ways that yield such a variety of unique culinary traditions. In the Caribbean and Central America, they enjoy foods that combine local staples such as plantain and maize. While other parts of the world are known for their preparation of meats rich in an assortment of spices. Let us introduce you to 6 unique dishes that can be found on our clients’ dinner tables. 


Dominican Republic

Mangu Con Los Tres Golpes

This plantain dish will give you a new way to eat your eggs in the morning. Plantains are a staple food of the Dominican Republic. They are incorporated into most of their traditional dishes or served on the side. Although Dominicans share their love of plantain with many other Caribbean islands, their creative use of plantain is unparalleled. This dish is unique to the Dominican Republic which combines mashed plantain (mangu) with “the three hitters”: eggs, fried cheese, and salami. It is often served with sliced avocado for breakfast but can be enjoyed at any meal of the day.

Recipe Here


Indio Viejo "Old Indian"

This classic Nicaraguan recipe predates the colonial period and comes with its own urban legend. The name is the said to come from an encounter between local tribes and the early Spaniards. A group of hungry Spaniards were enticed by the smells of the dish over the fire and asked what the natives were cooking. A few members of the tribe gave a sly response: “an old Indian who died yesterday”. And so, the name was born as the Spaniards spread tales of cannibalism in the region. Indio Viejo is a unique stew of meats, maize, and sour orange that is perfect for the colder months ahead.

Recipe Here


Vij's Family Chicken Curry

When we think of Indian dishes, curry is often the first thought that comes to mind. Curry is one of the highlights of Indian cuisine. This is an authentic family recipe for chicken curry provided by Vikram Vij, Dragon’s Den investor and Opportunity advocate. Vikram Vij is the owner of an exquisite Indian restaurant, My Shanti, in Surrey where he offers a journey through the unique flavours of India. He has shared this special recipe with the Opportunity family. You will love this simple and elegant Indian inspired meal.

Recipe Here


Limonada de Coco "Coconut Lemonade"

A sip of this tropical inspired drink from Colombia will take you back to those cool summer nights. The preparation is simple but don’t underestimate its unique flavour. It brings together the tang of lemon and the sweet creamy taste of coconut. This delicious drink might even take a spot next to your egg nogs during the holiday season. Make it your own by trying it with another citrus fruit.

Recipe Here


Jollof Rice

If you’re tired of white rice with your meals, here is a spicy alternative from West Africa. Jollof rice is a part of many West African meals. In fact, the rice is so beloved that it is the centre of a culinary debate between Ghanaians and Nigerians. While we may never know whose jollof rice is better, it is a simple and delicious rice that we can add to our dinner tables. This recipe is so versatile, the main ingredients are tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and rice. You can make it your own by adding your favourite spices and chopped vegetables.

Recipe Here


Carne Asada

Carne Asada will put a Latin American twist on your beef dinner. This is a typical Honduran dish that is loved by locals. It is grilled beef marinated in lemon or orange juice. It is a fairly simple dish that can be prepared to your liking. You can be creative with this dish and grill it before marinating or add other flavours to the marinade. It is often served with tortilla or rice and beans with avocado.

Recipe Here

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