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News and Updates

Microfinance and Ultra Poverty

by Dan Murray, CEO, Opportunity International Canada

The woman was quite malnourished, and when the team returned, they learned to their shock and sadness that she had passed away in the few short days since they last saw her. The team came across another…

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Opportunity International Canada National Silent Auction

We welcome our community from all across Canada to participate in this unique event. There will be a diverse set of items available for auction from across the country. The auction will include deals for…

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An Opportunity In Art

by Kim Buller, Director of Philanthropy, Alberta

The changes over the last few months have found us pivot different events and plans we had made for 2020. Given the lack of opportunity to gather in person, we decided to try something new and created…

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Introducing Ute Rehill, A New Addition To The Team!

by Doris Olafsen, VP of Philanthropy

After a long season of vacancy, it is my pleasure to introduce Ute Rehill, the newest addition to Opportunity International Canada who is joining our team as the Director of Philanthropy for Manitoba…

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Win Win Gift Ideas Through Wonderkind

by Opportunity International Canada

We are delighted to announce a new corporate partner This partnership is such a celebration of entrepreneurship! Now, whenever anyone purchases a Wonderkind gift set – for Mother's Day, to encourage…

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We're all in this together

by Dan Murray

Amidst the numbers, worrying news, and uncertainty for the future, the sense that we are all connected in this experience bring us together at this time. Many of us involved with Opportunity International…

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Understanding What Is At Stake For Schools During COVID-19

by Opportunity EduFinance

It started with just a handful of school closures in countries where we operate. Within 48 hours, we were faced with nationwide school closures in all eight countries due to COVID-19 prevention and containment…

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Survive To Thrive

by Opportunity International Australia

How important is health? In the lead up to World Health Day, Opportunity's Asia Health Program Director, Jessica Carter, speaks about the importance of running health programs in conjunction with more…

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An Opportunity For Art - What You Need

by Opportunity International

Here is a list of supplies that you will need to take part in an Opportunity For Art, virtual art class, events this Spring. If you live in the Calgary area*, you can choose to have your supplies dropped…

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Opportunity Perseveres

by Dan Murray, CEO, Opportunity International Canada

"The poor inspire us to overcome difficulty and not give up." Mark Lutz, UnPoverty   What a week we’ve been through and it’s only the beginning! I have been so inspired by “caremongers” delivering…

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