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Leave a Legacy Meet Mark and Jo-Anne

Mark and Joanne are a couple in their 60’s who had never made writing a Will a priority since they were both healthy and always seemed to have other more pressing things to do. When one of their favourite charities suggested they consider speaking to an Estate Specialist at ADVISORS with Purpose (AWP) to ensure that their Will reflected their beliefs, values and family, they realized that it might be a good time to get started. When speaking with the Estate Specialist, Mark and Joanne learned that without a Will in place a substantial amount of their Estate would go to the government in taxes - they weren’t comfortable with that. Together, they made some important decisions that not only effectively wrote the government out of their Will but would also take care of their family and help the work of some of their favourite charities. You may relate to Mark and Joanne.

Next month is Leave a Legacy month. Opportunity International Canada has partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to offer you, our valued friends and supporters, a complimentary and confidential Estate Planning service. 

  • To find out if an Estate Plan is something you could benefit from, we invite you to complete this short survey
  • Interested in learning more on this topic? Join our May 11th Legacy Giving, Estate Planning and Wills Phone Seminar by registering here
  • If you’d like to speak with an Estate Specialist now to discuss your unique situation contact AWP directly at 1-866-336-3315. 

May is Leave a Legacy month - let's give it more than just a thought.

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