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Welcome to Winnipeg

By Doris Olafsen

Stan Pauls, co-owner of Décor Cabinets Ltd. and one our newest board members, was waiting with a warm welcome for the Opportunity International Board of Directors as they arrived in Winnipeg recently for their inaugural Manitoba board meeting. Stan marked this occasion by presenting each board member with a commemorative “2017 Canada 150 Coin collection” straight from the Winnipeg mint, where literally every single Canadian coin in circulation is produced, a seemingly appropriate keepsake that resonates with Opportunity’s mission and vision.

After a day of meetings, an intimate group of guests from across Southern Manitoba joined the Board of Directors for a great meal hosted by the owners of one of Winnipeg’s relatively new additions to the Corydon neighbourhood, Elevate Eatery. Living up to their name, this eatery is elevating comfort foods, and giving great dishes like the traditional Rueben and veal meatballs the attention that they deserve. Compliment that with extraordinary service and attention from hosts and co-owners Mark & Chris Buller and Tyler MacPherson, and the stage was set for an inspiring and memorable evening.

Stories were shared of how entrepreneurial Latin American women (in Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic) are being empowered and are literally working their way out of poverty and how Canadians are rallying to make that a reality. Larry Dyck, co-owner of Décor Cabinets Ltd. also shared how their company have caught the vision and have found significant ways to engage all of their stakeholders.

Opportunity is looking forward to having a more permanent footprint in Manitoba in the coming days, and these gatherings are definitely part of strategic plan to make that our new reality, soon.


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