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St.John's Vancouver Anglican Church Brings Hope to Malawi

By Doris Olafsen

St. John's Vancouver Anglican Church, The Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire in Malawi and Opportunity International Canada partner to bring hope to those living in chronic poverty in Malawi. 

In December 2016, a dream moved from concept to reality. The dream? To partner together to deliver financial literacy training, access to small loans and training opportunities for parishioners in Malawi. At a virtual meeting held in March, members from St. John’s Vancouver heard directly from Richard Chongo, (Chief Transformation Officer of Opportunity International Bank of Malawi) that since December 15th, 288 women from one parish have attended Financial Literacy training and 60 women have opened savings accounts. Father Francis Chipala who joined Richard in his office, opened our meeting with prayer and words of affirmation for this unique and wonderful initiative. The team from St. John's Vancouver loved being able to meet the Opportunity Malawi staff face-to-face and revisit their good friends from the Anglican Diocese. They are looking forward to visiting this project that they are supporting in Malawi this summer.

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