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September 2017 Newsletter

By Opportunity International Canada

3 kids

September is here and with that are crisp mornings, shorter days and a flurry of activity around Opportunity as we ramp up for our fall events.

This month is also the start of another school year. A time when kids file into classrooms across the country to prepare for a future during these formative years.

Unfortunately for 263 million youth, they are unable to experience this opportunity. This is why one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is to "Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning".

To achieve this goal, Opportunity has developed some targeted financial tools and services designed to serve the needs of school proprietors, parents and children, and address the three-fold challenges of accessibility, quality and sustainability.

Take a moment to read our most recent blog post on Opportunity's work in Education in our Expanding the Sustainable Development Goals.

I would also like to thank everyone who took time to remember our clients and staff in the Dominican Republic last week as Hurricane Irma approached. The storm did not directly strike the Dominican Republic with the devastation seen elsewhere in the Caribbean, and for that we are grateful. On Monday, our offices opened, and we were back to serving our clients.

Geraldo Orozco, CEO of ASPIRE (our local partner in the DR) had this update "4 of our clients were affected by Hurricane Irma. Thankfully it was only damages to their roofs, but no lives were affected or lost. None of our staff, board members or their families were affected by the Hurricane. Thanks to the Lord."


In our ongoing efforts to be good stewards of your donations to Opportunity International Canada, we make every effort to be efficient and cost effective. Therefore we have moved our Toronto office to a smaller Administrative Office located in Waterloo and in so doing, we now work virtually as much as possible. Our new address is:

145 Lincoln Rd. 
Waterloo, ON N2J 2N8


This year we have events planned from Ottawa to Victoria with special guests from Ghana, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. We are excited to have our guests share the amazing stories of our clients.  Come to an event near you, and bring a friend!  Check out our Events.


Ed shares his reflections from his recent trip to Nicaragua during his summer family vacation.  Read More.


Do you have a family vacation property?  There can be challenges with passing that along to the next generation. Jerry and Diane share their story. Learn More. 

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