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Reflections from Travelling

By Andrew MacDonald

In March 2017 I had the opportunity of spending 10 days meeting with Opportunity clients and staff in Nicaragua and Honduras.  Along with me was my faithful sidekick, Allison, and together we were inspired by the amazing stories of our clients as they seized the spark of possibility and made their dreams a reality. 

I've been back for a few weeks now and wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on this trip in the short video message below. You might also want to check out some of the pictures on Facebook or our special "Selfie Highlight Reel".  There were also some great videos recorded while meeting Ingrid as she prepares her nacatamale's,  touring Blanca's furniture workshop or sit in on a Trust Group meeting.  

Thank you to everyone who followed the trip on Facebook and Instagram! Was so excited to have many of you tracking along with us, giving us encouragement and connecting with our clients.  If you've been privileged enough to meet with Opportunity clients (and it is a sincere privilege) I would love to hear from you - just email me at

My Reflections


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