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Hopes and Dreams

By Ed Temple

Ed's family next to lake.

"It doesn't get more Canadian then to get on the road and drive across a province (or two) for vacation."

We just returned from a west coast trip (Calgary to Victoria). On our trip, we headed up the island and drove the Malahat Highway. A highlight was we stopped to take a selfie where Hannah and I got engaged! It was a great opportunity to share with our kids about our life before them and to talk about our hopes and dreams at that time and how they have been fulfilled, not yet fulfilled and how they have changed. A family vacation is a great time to reflect, review and update your hopes and dreams.

Yarling outside her businessI was reminded of a client I met in Nicaragua back in April. I met Yarling, who had just received her first loan to replace her husband’s deteriorating fishing net and stock her store in her home. Yarling and her husband and two kids live a very simple life, and they struggle to keep their kids in school and make it from fishing season to fishing season. We asked Yarling about her hopes and dreams, and she said, 

“I am thankful I can keep my kids in school. Next I want to improve my home. I am trying to better myself and be a good example to my two kids so I have gone back to school.”

Yarling is completing grade 5 on Saturdays; her oldest son is in grade 5! I was overcome with awe to witness such resilience and love for her family!

One of the most significant gifts of Opportunity is that it provides our clients with the chance for hopes and dreams. Poverty is crushing and downright evil. One of the oppressive aspects of poverty is the limiting mindset of struggling to survive. Hopes and dreams are a luxury. When Opportunity provides a loan, training and community (through a Trust Group), we are giving is an opportunity and space for our clients to hope and dream. What a gift! Some of our clients go from "how will we survive this year/month/week" to:

  • How do I grow my business? 
  • What should my kids study in school?
  • How do I want to improve my home?
  • How do I serve my community?

We were meant for hope and dreams!

"Opportunity is in the business of hopes and dreams." 

Thank you for your partnership to provide our clients with hopes and dreams!

Ed's HeadshotEd Temple
Director of Philanthropy (Alberta)

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